Office Structure

All those titles! Who does what?

With so many similar titles in the Clerk's office, it can sometimes get confusing. Here's a brief summary of how it all works.

County Clerk & Recorder

The Clerk & Recorder is the elected official who serves the public, leads the department, creates and executes the vision, manages the staff and budget, and ensures that all functions of the office are performed in accordance with state statutes. Her (or his) primary duty is running elections.

Chief Deputy Clerk

The Chief Deputy Clerk supervises the front office staff, interacts with the public in handling their recordings and registrations, and ensures that the Clerk & Recorder's vision is carried out. The Chief Deputy Clerk may, at times, have special duties during elections.

Deputy Clerks

The Deputy Clerks are the front office staff that most county residents have contact with. Some Deputy Clerks specialize in recordings, while others deal primarily with registrations. Some may, at times, assist the Clerk & Recorder with elections.