Meet the Candidate

I grew up in Memphis in a family of faith and values. My father owned a small business, and my mother was a county employee. Because of their emphasis on hard work and education, I attended Emory University and the University of Houston, where I majored in English Literature, with an emphasis in writing.

My early career included work for MCI and Compaq Computers, training branch offices and writing manuals and programs for the developing personal computer market; that background gave me an ease with technology, something that will serve me well in the technology-driven Clerk's office.  Following time spent at home with my young children, I took on the role of editor of a city lifestyle magazine and then managing editor of an independent publishing house. These management positions in fast-paced, high-pressure, deadline-driven companies taught me much about managing people and delivering results.

Following the post 9/11 economic downturn, my sons and I decided to strike out for the hills of Colorado, as so many of you did before us. I pursued flexible work as an independent writer and editor, where self-sufficiency and personal integrity were crucial.  We lived for many years in Evergreen, where they were active in Boy Scouts and the school instrumental music programs. I supported their activities and served on the board of the chamber orchestra. As president of the high school music boosters, I oversaw the expansion of the program's budget and supporting fundraising so that the director could hire staff and create additional ensembles. The goal was to meet the needs and develop the interests of the students and their families. I learned here that people work their hardest when they are inspired and empowered.

After both sons flew the nest (my older son is a recent college graduate; my younger son is active duty Air Force, stationed in Germany), I was drawn to Clear Creek County by its sense of community. Idaho Springs' charming shops and Scraps-to-Soil community garden particularly appealed to me, so I settled in the scenic area outside of town. I enjoy photographing the natural beauty of our county and its people. It's my turn now to step up and contribute to the community that has given me such a warm embrace. I ask you to give me that opportunity.