My Vision for Clerk & Recorder


Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.  ~Abraham Lincoln

Democracy is the most revolutionary concept in human history - the ability of the people to control their destiny. It is made possible by our vote. That right is sacred.

As your Clerk & Recorder, I will advocate for and protect the rights of Clear Creek voters, including the privacy of our voter data.  The integrity of our elections is paramount; without it, no candidate or issue stands a chance. The Clerk & Recorder is the frontline defense for Clear Creek voters. 

Our impartial election judges, from student judges to seasoned ones, are crucial in carrying out our voting process. I seek to expand our pool of qualified judges and will ensure that they are always trained in the latest security measures and election procedures.

Voter registration and participation should be easily accessible for every citizen of Clear Creek County. I support automatic voter registration and online tools that facilitate ballot access and tracking. I will explore voter education programs and outreach, so that all of us can vote for our choice.


My business background, which combines managerial and entrepreneurial skills, uniquely equips me to tailor services to our county's needs. The focus for the Clerk & Recorder's front office will be on providing excellent customer service to all of our community's residents. 

The staff will be well-trained, cross-trained and empowered to deliver exceptional service. Each employee will master the wide variety of training provided by the state.

Pertinent statutes and rules will be applied equitably. This will ensure that every individual is treated with respect and courtesy. Fairness, accuracy and accountability will be our guiding values.

Progress & Innovation

Going forward, I will build on the legacy of this office and look for efficiencies and innovations to enable progress. By smoothly implementing new technologies developed by state agencies, I will guide the staff in embracing the path to the future which will enable them to provide the exceptional service our county deserves. 

I will explore all avenues to make county services accessible to residents, from having extended office hours one evening a month to placing a polling center in the east end of the county. Government should serve the people.

I am receptive to community input and responsive to community needs.